Cicloextremeña 2018 – preparations

I’m going to Spain on 16th April, to do this Cicloextremeña trip, which goes around Extremadura in the West of Spain near the Portuguese border. I fly from Edinburgh to Sevilla, then taking a bus into town and on to Monesterio, which should allow some cycling on the first day, as I hope to start cycling at 1430. I’ve booked a return flight on 17th May, but may book a different date if I finish early like last year or late.

It is 1300km, a bit hilly, with 22000m of ascent, but going up to 1450m only. I’ve only just started final planning, but I think that there is little or no difficult offroad, mainly on minor roads, gravel roads and farm tracks. There is a link at

Here are a couple of other links in Spanish from people who did or are doing the route. Google translate works for me :

I’ll be going with my new bike (well new frame, gears, brakes and things I got for Christmas) and will be equipped in the same way as I was for my final Transandalus trip, with one pannier, a handlebar bag an not much else I was going to save weight by using a carbon rather than a suspension fork, but decided against it after I fell off. I’ll have a tent for emergencies but hope to stay in hotels as often as possible, to enjoy good meals.

Bike today with test weight (camera equipment 8kg) in pannier bag, gopro and garmin fitted ready.

I’ll put my maps and schedule in this folder as I progress them.

The map cicl03.img I have made is for Garmin GPS and is transparent with tracks in dashed blue to make it easy to see and also has POIs for hotels, campsites etc. When loaded with any other map they can both be seen. The file needs to be copied to a Garmin.

garmin with the transparent map showing dotted track.

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13 Responses to Cicloextremeña 2018 – preparations

  1. Neil Spence says:

    Time for another most excellent adventure. Why do you have a swimming gpx file?

  2. Alex says:

    Well the guy who invented the route listed a whole pile of swimming places, for use in the summer because it’s really too hot to cycle.
    Doubt if I’ll use any of them but you never know.

  3. Fiona says:

    Hello! I had the RSS feed off your other blog! Got the right one as well now 🙂 Bike looking good, much more used 😀

  4. Seán MacPherson says:

    Looks like a great road trip. Have a good time and look after yourself! Cheers! Seán.

  5. Neil says:

    Glad to see you chose to add back the suspension 🙂

  6. Julen says:

    I hope you enjoy your trip. Spring in Extremadura is waiting for you! Don’t forget to eat to try some different ibéricos meat: lagarto, carrilleras, pluma, presa, secreto, solomillo … There is a lot to choose!

    • amilne says:

      I have been to Spain many times, and to Extraemadura cycling a few times. I love the food in Extremadura, but sometimes would like more vegetables :). I’m looking forward to the trip and hope the weather improves for your journey.

  7. Carlos says:

    Good luck Alex!
    We will be reading you!

  8. Pablo says:

    Hi Alex,

    I am Pablo, one of the creators and writers of

    I am very glad to see you are coming to my region, Extremadura. In April, Extremadura is a explosion of colours and bicycle touring is the best wat to know a place, so I am pretty sure you will really enjoy it. By the way, currently I am living in Edinburgh so I am proud to know someone from Scotland is coming to cycle around my land. I love so much your country.

    Whatever you need, do not hesitate to write us.

    Kind regards,

  9. amilne says:

    Thanks for all the good wishes. I’m looking forward to my slow cycle round Extremadura.

  10. Federico de Tena Ruiz says:

    Hola a todos, con la ilusión de un niño con zapatos nuevos estoy esperando que llegue el día 17 de Julio para comenzar mi primera cicloturista recorriendo la provincia de Badajoz por los límites. Me salen 886 km. que me pienso “machacar” en 8 jornadas. Llevo preparándome fisicamente tres meses y ya con el sprint final voy cargado como si saliera haciéndome 80 Km en 6-7 h. cada vez que entreno. Como soy super novato admito sugerencias para la AVENTURA. Voy de autosuficiencia. Ah en esta época voy a luchar contra el calor, los mosquitos y los coches porque es todo por carretera. Por último comentaros que voy a hacer 61 añitos

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