Introduction to this website

Update on 16th August 2018

The petition is now classed as open on the government website at   Petition PE01705

I now need to collect signatures which I had hoped to avoid so please go to the website and sign the petition if you agree with the aims, and/or make comments there. I have used my almost dormant twitter account to help publicise the petition. My handle  is @amilne1945

July post

This website has been set up to publicise my petition submitted to the Scottish Parliament on March 15th 2018, but “under review” for the last four months, to try to improve the chances of video evidence being allowed to go to court in Scotland where the courts can decide on the admissibility of the evidence rather than the Crown Office and Crown Office Procurator Fiscal Service (COPFS). It also asks to increase the powers of the police to give them the additional powers their representative discussed with the Environment, Climate Change and Land Reform Committee (ECCLRC). The website has been set up as a blog, a format that I am familiar with, in order that people may respond with help in correcting and informing any omissions and errors in my petition and the background material provided here. I am sending information on this blog to current members of the ECCLRC, the cabinet secretaries for Environment and the Justice committees and my MSPs.

The website allows comment, albeit strictly moderated, and I am particularly interested in receiving references to relevant cases, journal articles. If you do not wish your comment to be seen on the website but do wish to advise to me as a suggestion, please indicate this.  

This website is set up as a blog. There are links to information about commenting and the posts below the cover photograph, and the right hand column shows links to recent posts. Please be aware that the content will be updated as the information is improved. If the petition goes forward draft copies of the submissions intended for committees will be published for comment. Major superseded revisions will be kept available.

Here are links to earlier posts for which I am particularly seeking suggestions:

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