Update on 28th September, 2018.

The petition is now described as lodged, and I await a date when it will go to the petitions committee. It may even be in the next 2 weeks, looking at the petition numbers at the last meeting. I am attempting to resolve some issues prior to that time. I am principally concerned that the wording I suggest for the Wildlife and Countryside Act may be totally ineffective in allowing prosecutions to reach court. Rather than say that I wish to change the wording, it may be prudent to suggest a set of alternative wordings to different sections, as that may be better received, leaving the original wording in place as an alternative. I don’t even have a wording I’m totally happy with. I don’t know if the wording may be able to be submitted to the meeting, or if I will be invited to attend. I don’t suppose that there are many people who are expert at this. I’m sure I do not wish to become expert.

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