Privacy Policy

General:  I won’t sell any information about you to anyone else. There are no adverts on this website. This website is not part of a business, and generates no money for me.

Commenting on this blog: The comments made on this blog are public.  You are however free to ask that your comment is not to be seen in the blog. I’m happy to do that and may use the information to modify the posts if I agree, and if I don’t agree, may still incorporate it but state I don’t agree. You may also comment on the Scottish government website once the petition goes live. I will give the website address here if it happens.

You are required to leave your email address and name when commenting. I do require you to use a real, valid email address so that you can be contacted if your comment is unclear, libellous or asks me to contact you directly.The email addresses are not visible to blog readers.

Cookies:  This website is hosted on a server for which I am responsible. I do not know if my website uses or stores cookies, and I certainly make no use of them that I am aware of. If I find out about any cookies which are set on the website, I will advise about it here.