An quick update after the first day.

I have been had several helpful replies to my emails.

When I started the blog it was just a wish to publicise the petition which seemed to be dragging on. My researches (o.k. a google search) uncovered that the Poustie recommendations were on the Scottish Government’s Programme for Scotland 2017-18.  This would be the opportunity for one of the two parts of the petition to be enacted without much delay and thus seemed to me to be very urgent, and possibly too late to influence.  One of the replies included an update from the Cabinet Secretary for Environment, Climate Change and Land Reform which made clear that this is not the case as the legislation had not yet been prepared so my panic is over, and I can just wait until my petition proceeds through the system. I can then wait until it hopefully reaches the relevant committees. It would only reach panic stations again if the legislation appears before the petition reaches any parliament committees.

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