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This petition is well under way now and I have enough material here to make a submission to any committee which may handle it in future. The public petitions committee seemed keen for it to go to the EECLRC, which is fine and probably will get a better reception than I could expect at the justice committee, although I’ve no evidence for that. I have made remarks about how this situation arose, which may not be universally appreciated by lawyers in the Scottish Justice system.

I’m working on a website in support of the Peoples Manifesto for Wildlife, intended to be a resource for people who support the manifesto aims, whether they just wish to be advised of petitions which may have a real effect requiring governments to respond, to be a source of links for selected campaigns, or to be a resource for people to take effective actions as individuals which others may support. At present I only have sample data in the website, and am trying to get all the extensions and plugins working correctly. I’m not a professional website designer, and it is a task well beyond that which WordPress can handle, unfortunately. I have already deleted everything four times, but I expect that it will be able to go fully live this year, as a website perhaps not up to professional standards, but effective nonetheless.

I’d rather that I did not devise any more petitions at present until my present petition has run it’s course. The following matters do interest me though, and I may spend some time in research, even though they may not be manifesto aims.

Pine martens I believe are regularly trapped, despite the fact that they are protected. I’d like to propose that SNH require as a condition of the general licence that any pine martens caught be reported, with no penalty other than that for failing to report within say a month that a pine marten has been “inadvertently” caught. SNH would also  have a duty to maintain a register, to be made public annually and take action where there is a hot spot of Pine Marten deaths.

I’m interested in the case of the US hunter who shot feral goats. They have apparently only been here since the stone age, or so the story goes, and they are therefore not a native animal. That is clearly based on zero evidence, and I’d like to investigate further, and see if they can be them listed as a native animal. That would allow them to be hunted or culled (I expect) only on a special licence, and the conditions of the licence could be laid down. I expect it arrived this way because of the influence of large landowners, and I’d like “the people” to take greater charge of our wildlife. I’ve not studied this at all, but I’m intrigued.



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